TechEdge 2018

Oct 8-10, 2018 // Las Vegas, NV

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TechEdge at the NACS Show
October 7-10, 2018
Las Vegas, NV ~ Booth 6147


Technology is creating opportunities for all retailers to significantly reduce friction and become “convenient”, and when everyone is convenient, rapid innovation becomes the key to success. The rapid pace of broad technological change is quickly transforming whole industries and requiring established retailers to create agile digital platforms that support innovation and enterprise accessibility.  In the future retail landscape, technology is either your ally, or your undoing.

Now in its fourth year, TechEdge provides all industry professionals working with technology a more personalized and high-value experience of learning, connecting and access to new solutions at the NACS Show. This forward-looking program partners with the industry’s technology organization, Conexxus, to bring more value, deeper education and broader innovative solutions to attendees. Think of it as a specialized program within the NACS Show- to prepare your company for the competitive landscape of tomorrow.



While attending the NACS Show, be sure to participate in these technology track sessions and visit us at our booth:

Sunday, Oct 7

  12:00-1:00 Using Technology to Get Time Back
  1:15-2:15 Industrial Revolution 4.0
  2:30-3:30 NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap

Monday, Oct 8

  8:00-9:00 Using AI to Improve Your BI
  9:15-10:15 Data, Network, and Payments Security
  11:00-5:30 Conexxus Booth/ TechEdge Solutions Center (Central Hall #6147)

Tuesday,Oct 9

  8:00-10:15 Mobile Roundtable
  11:00-5:30 Conexxus Booth/ TechEdge Solutions Center (Central Hall #6147)

Wed, Oct 10

  9:00-1:30 Conexxus Booth/ TechEdge Solutions Center (Central Hall #6147)


Using Technology to Get Time Back  // Sunday October 7, 12:00-1:00

Moderator: Charity McGill, Founder & CEO, Deep Water Software


  • Mahendar Vuppala, Owner/Operator, Kwik Market Corp
  • Samer Ali, Warehouse Chairman, Greater Houston Retailer’s Association
  • Kevin Burton, Owner, Battleground BP
  • Irfan Tejani, President, Tejani Holdings

This session, designed for small operators, will help you look at ways to save time utilizing technology that has been tested and used by other retailers.


  • Calculate estimated time and money that could be saved by investing in technology
  • Select the technology with the largest ROI for your business
  • Utilize technology to ease the burden of operational issues


Industrial Revolution 4.0 //  Sunday October 7, 1:15-2:15

Speakers: Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus

The next industrial revolution is upon us, Industrial Revolution 4.0 (4IR) where fast developing technologies are converging to change how we work, shop and live.  These technologies will allow new competitors to emerge out of blind spots; and also allow convenience retail to retain its leadership in “frictionless” retail.  This session will not talk about the “tomorrow” but look at the 5 to 10 year horizon of how the increasing pace of technology change will impact our economy.

This session is for all retailers seeking to incorporate the future of technology in their strategic plans and technology roadmaps.  It is highly recommended that attendees of this session also attend the NACS/Conexxus Technology Roadmap session following.


  • Explain the six core 4IR trends that will affect our industry within 10 years
  • List potential technologies that may significantly disrupt our business model
  • Begin digitizing by embracing key technologies and identifying potential disruptions; the culture and strategy behind making 4IR a strategic win


NACS/Conexxus Technology Roadmap  //  Sunday October 7, 2:30-3:30

Moderator: Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus


  • Ed Collupy, Executive Consultant, W. Capra Consulting Group
  • Hubert Williams, CIO, VO of CONNECT, Maverik, Inc.
  • Dae Kim, Vice President, Research, NACS

Technology is no longer a facet of retail, it is a fact of retail as our core consumer embraces the digital lifestyle.  What remains at issue is how we can hope to keep up with the pace of change that is now dictated by consumer adoption and where every retailer strives to be “convenient”. NACS and Conexxus have embarked on a project to design and curate a technology roadmap – essential and prospective technologies the high-performing retailer should include in their strategy.  This road map will provide an annual picture of what relevant technologies will achieve reality, by when, in order to provide clarity to support systems strategy.  This road map is a compilation of research outside the industry, and specifically designed to “see” 10 years ahead to suggest technology and cultural evolutions to prepare our industry for the new landscape. 


  • Explain the key strategic learnings from NACS that currently drive our research
  • List key technology innovation paths, not present in our markets today, that may rapidly change the technology platforms we use today
  • Describe the technology and cultural changes identified to date that are required to stay at the front of the digital consumer’s needs


Using AI to Improve Your BI  //  Monday October 8, 8:00-9:00

Moderator: Bob Burke, Chief Technology Officer, Koupon Media

Speaker: Nabeel Azar, COO, Verisk Retail

Artificial intelligence (AI) is touted as a revolutionary tool to increase the value of data to make informed decisions on facets of retail operations.  From predicting supply chain movement to maximizing price and promotion, rapid development in AI is promising a digital transformation in retail management.  This session is designed for the retailer who has established a rich – and under-utilized – business intelligence system, and looking to leverage AI to the next level of value.


  • Explain the differences between BI and AI, and the improving technologies that make AI attractive
  • Describe relevant use cases where AI is being employed to improve profitability in retail and other segments
  • Describe the key steps necessary for a retailer to evaluate AI’s impact to the business, including a discussion on skills, tools and other resources


Data, Network and Payments Security  //  Monday October 8, 9:15-10:15

Moderator: Linda Toth, Director of Standards, Conexxus


  • Kara Gunderson, POS Manager, CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  • Mike Lindberg, Director Payment Solutions, CHS Inc. (CENEX)
  • Linda Toth, Director of Standards, Conexxus

All retailers who accept credit/debit cards need to understand the impact of card brand requirements on their business. Liability shifts and data security responsibilities impact technology spend, resource allocation, store level training, and rollouts. Security for data, network, and payments is best done in a layered approach.   There is not a one size fits all solution that will work for every site.   Learn from fraud case studies, as we break them down to analyze what happened, and most importantly what could have been done to prevent them.   We’ll look at security technology in light of emerging fraud threats, requirements, and best practices, to provide the tools and tips you need to understand the impact to your business.


  • Define current C-store data security technology and what's coming
  • Chose data security technology that will provide a competitive edge


Mobile Roundtable  //  Tuesday October 9, 8:00-10:15


  • Brad Van Otterloo, CEO, KouponMedia
  • Gunter Pfau, CEO, Stuzo
  • Steven O’Toole, General Manger, Convenience and Fuel Retail Solutions, NCR Corporation
  • Chase Thomason, Co-Founder, GoSkip, Inc.

Mobile commerce is the convergence of digital and analog retail; the “omnichannel moment of truth”.  True to its heritage, convenience retail is leading the mobile commerce revolution through deployment of richly featured applications that encompass how the digital consumer enters the shopping experience, is retained through loyalty, is offered promotions to drive sales and pays for goods and services.  Convenience retail has led this revolution through developing a set of Conexxus data standards that promote a healthy ecosystem of mobile solutions that integrate to all major systems. The session is for any retailer looking to extend their brand to mobile commerce, as either a first step or extension of an existing loyalty system.


  • Describe the current state of mobile commerce in convenience retail; key capabilities being deployed around the industry
  • List functional opportunities that will add value to mobile over the next 3 years
  • Discuss key points of friction, and enhancements that the industry- and Conexxus- should be addressing



To register for TechEdge and the NACS Show, please visit the NACS website to complete the registration process: 

  • Visit the Conexxus Booth during the NACS Show for tech demos and to meet the Conexxus staff
  • TechEdge Programs during the Show include topics on AI, IR 4.0, Mobile, and the NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap
  • Explore the full program of the Expo and Education Sessions



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