Webinar - Visa and Conexxus - Fuel Fraud

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 13:00
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Presented by: Andrew McGloin, Senior Director of North America Risk at Visa; Robert Alandt, Senior Director in the Merchant Solutions organization at Visa; and Sydney Green, Senior Director in the Risk and Authentication Product organization at Visa

In this webinar, Visa will present an overview of current AFD fraud trends, including why fraud is accelerating at the pump, fraud rate changes over time, how to spot a skimmer (and what do if you find one,) and what the future may hold in regards to criminal activities.

We’ll look at what states are seeing the most fraud, and efforts to try to help curtail these attacks.  The presenters will provide information on the Visa fraud monitoring program and what it means for you, and review the basics on liability responsibilities both now and into the future.

We’ll also walk through how to work with your acquirer if you believe there are criminal activities occurring at your stations, and best practices to help you manage your risk of fraud. This will include information on solutions you can implement, from basic velocity to full chip roll out.  This means options that can be implemented quickly as well as longer term strategies.  We’ll be sure to allow time for Q&A at the end, as well as sharing where merchants can find more information on these Best Practices for managing your risk of fraud at the pump.



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