Conexxus 2023 Annual Conference

Conexxus 2023 Annual Conference

April 30 - May 4, 2023

Loews Coronado Bay  |  Coronado, California

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Where do you turn to learn about the innovations that are evolving in our industry??

Each year, the Conexxus Annual Conference brings together those who are passionate about the c-store technology roadmap to discuss, learn, and actively work to solve our pressing tech challenges.  This is where the conversations around technology for our industry happen! 

This year’s conference runs through Thursday, adding one more day with even more education sessions, keynotes, working group and committee meeting time, as well as the legendary networking events where retailers and vendors can collaborate in uniquely fun settings!



We're live! See you in Coronado Bay!


For a mobile agenda visit:

We've Added a Day!

New this year - EXPANDED AGENDA

View the schedule below for our newly expanded format for this year's annual conference, lasting through Thursday evening.


Sunday: Welcome Networking Activities

Monday: Education:  Keynote(s) and Panel Sessions; Start of Working Group Meetings

Tues am -  Thurs 4pm: Working Group Committee Meetings & Education Sessions


Sunday, APRIL 30


Sunday afternoon,
varying times

Welcome Activities (extra fee to attend)

  • Golf at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course  ($320)
  • Lunch on the Sun Deck at the Hotel Del Coronado, followed by a private historic tour of the property ($230)
  • Catamaran Tour of the San Diego Bay, including lunch ($320)
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Registration & Information 
6:00 PM Welcome Dinner on the Bay Terrace, Loews Coronado Bay Hotel (included in your registration fee)


Monday, May 1


7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Registration & Information
7:00 AM - 8:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM - 8:30 AM First Time Attendee Welcome Session
8:45 AM - 9:00 AM

Opening General Session with Varish Goyal, Chair, Conexxus Board of Directors

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Executive Culture Panel


  • Varish Goyal, CEO, Loop Neighborhood Market
  • Vish Ganapathy, Director & Head of Customer Engineering, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry, Google 
  • Robert Hampton, VP Technology Services & Innovation, Jacksons Food Stores
  • Doug New, CIO, Nouria Energy Corporation

Moderator: Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus 

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM MORNING KEYNOTE: The Next Great Transformation   | Anat Baron
11:15 AM - 12:15 AM

Lunch & Check in at the Office

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Computer Vision Technology  


  • Sridhar Sudarsan, CTO SparkCognition
  • Susan Sly, Co-CEO, RadiusAI
  • Jordan Fisher, CEO, StandardAI

Moderator:  Robert Hampton, VP, Technology Services and Innovation, Jacksons Food Stores

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Opportunities and Challenges:  How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Convenience Retailing  | Frodi Hammer, CTO, A2i Systems
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM AFTERNOON KEYNOTE:  Expanding Data Accessibility and Tech Agility to Build an Innovative Culture  | Vish Ganapathy, Director & Head of Customer Engineering, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry, Google 
3:45 PM -5:15 PM

Innovation Research Committee (IRC) Meeting (Retailers Only)

Security Advisory Working Group (SAWG) (All are welcome to attend)

5:30 PM Reception with Table Top Exhibits 


Tuesday, May 2


7:30 AM - 3:45PM Registation & Information
7:15 AM -9:30 AM Board of Advisors & Board of Directors Meetings (with breakfast available starting at 7 AM) 
8:15 AM - 9:15 PM Breakfast
9:30 AM -10:30 AM

Self-Checkout:  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


  • Brad Miller, Senior Director of Technology, Coen Markets
  • Amy Wood, Director of Enterprise IT, Friendly Express
  • Roy Austin, Director of IT, Parkland USA
  • Christine Loukata, Director of Emerging Technologies, Alimentation Couche-Tard/Circle K 

Moderator:  Dae Kim

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Edge Computing: The Solution Blueprint for Supporting Legacy Operations & Modern Architectures at Scale | Phil Stead (CISSP, CISM, PCIP, PCI-QIR), VP Sales, Acumera

11:15 AM -12:00 PM

Retailer Business Requirements (RBR) Committee Meeting  (all are welcome to attend)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Lunch & Catch up on E-Mails 

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Working Group & Committee Meetings (see below)
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Are You Ready to Leapfrog Yourself?  Innovating Through Strategy. 


  • Patrick Raycroft, Partner, W. Capra
  • Chuck Young, CTO, Impact 21

Moderator:  Linda Toth, Managing Director, Conexxus

3:15 PM  - 3:45 PM General Assembly + Connect with Conexxus (all are welcome)
4:00 PM  Depart for San Diego Zoo - Private Tour and Dinner with the Elephants  (Buses start loading at 4:00 PM, Prompt departure at 4:15 PM)


Wednesday, May 3

7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Registation & Information
7:00 AM - 8:15 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Digital Marketing:  Accelerating Sales Performance Across the Entire Customer Journey


  • Jennifer Johnson, Director of Business Development - Localized Marketing Solutions, NACS THRIVR
  • Folkert Ruiter, Chief Marketing Officer, P97
  • David Reale, CEO, Avida
  • John Dittig, Senior Business Development/Strategy Leader (B2B), Samsung Electronics

Moderator:  Dave de la Plante, Strategy & Program Director, Bulloch Technologies

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Think Tank Panel: Realities from Top C-Store Leaders


  • Don Emery, POS Applications and Product Manager, CHS Payment Solutions
  • Mary Anderson, Director, Program Management & Operations Support, G&M Oil Company
  • Rance Wells, Vice President of Information Technology, Toot'n Totum

Moderator:  Ed Collupy, Innovation Facilitator, Conexxus

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Unleashing Retail Agility | Dan Harrell, VP of Innovation, Gilbarco Veeder-Root
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Food Service:  Lessons Learned from QSR


  • Chad Kobayashi, Director Retail Technology, Maverik
  • Rob Grimes, CEO, International Food & Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA)
  • Zhong Xu, CEO, Deliverect

Moderator:  Ted Donley, Former Conexxus Food Service Working Group Chair

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch & Check in at Home
1:15 PM - 5:15 PM Working Group & Committee Meetings (see below)
5:30 PM Hall of Fame Reception
6:45 PM  Leadership Appreciation Dinner (by invitation only)


Thursday, May 4

7:45 AM - 5:00 PM  Registration & Information
7:45 AM - 8:45 AM Breakfast 
8:45 AM - 11:30 AM Working Group & Committee Meetings (see below)
11:45 AM - 12:15 PM Retailer Business Requirements (RBR) Committee Meeting (all are welcome to attend)
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch & Catch up at the Office
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM TAC/ SQA Committee Meetings
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Membership & Marketing (M&M) Committee Meeting
5:30 PM  Casual Farewell Gathering & Dinner 



Working Group & Committee Meeting Schedule

  Retail Financial Transactions Device Integration

Data Security

POS/Back Office Business Data Exchange Innovation Research Committee

Monday,  May 1

3:45 PM - 5:15 PM     Security Advisory Working Group      IRC (Retailers Only)

TUEsday,  May 2

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Retail Financial Transactions Committee


User Interaction Devices Working Group

Data Privacy Working Group

Joint Meeting:   

  • POS/Back Office
  • Cloud POS Calculator
  • Business Data Exchange 

Wednesday,  May 3

1:15 PM-2:45 PM EPS Working Group IoT Working Group

PCI DSS 4.0 Framework

Presented by Howard Glavin, K3DES

Cloud POS Calculator Working Group    
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Mobile Working Group Forecourt of the Future Data Security (Parent) Food Service Working Group    
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM 

P2PE Best Practices

Digital Wallet Working Group Car Wash Working Group   POS/Back Office Committee    

Thursday, May 4

8:45 AM - 10:15 AM

(8:45 - 9:45)

Digital Offers Working Group

Forecourt Working Group       Retail Innovation Working Group
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Loyalty Working Group Device Integration Committee     Business Data Exchange Committee  


All times are in Pacific Time, the local time in Coronado Bay, California.

All times are approximate and subject to change without advanced notice.  Session times, titles, speakers, and topics are not guaranteed.  A final agenda will be available closer to the start of the conference. 


First Time Attendee Welcome Session

Linda Toth | Managing Director, Conexxus

- Monday, May 1 - 

New to the Conexxus Annual Conference?  Maybe you're a veteran attendee but want to know more about Conexxus or what's happening this week?  This is the session to help you not only plan your week, but also engage with Conexxus year round.  Get up to speed on not to be missed education sessions, our ever popular networking events, and what's going on in the working groups and committees.

Opening Session

Varish Goyal | Chair Conexxus Board of Directors

- Monday, May 1 - 

Join the Conexxus Board of Directors Chair, Varish Goyal, as he opens the 2023 Conexxus Annual Conference!

Executive Culture Panel 

- Monday, May 1 - 

Varish Goyal | CEO, Loop Neighborhood Market

Vish Ganapathy | Director & Head of Customer Engineering, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry, Google 

Robert Hampton | VP,  technology services and innovation, Jacksons Food Stores

Doug New | CIO, Nouria Energy Corporation

Moderator:  Gray Taylor | Executive Director, Conexxus

Culture eats technology and strategy for lunch.  In this session, we will cover this imperative change and potential paths for developing a digital culture within your organization for future success in innovation.

Morning Keynote: The Next Great Transformation

Anat Baron | Futurist, Tech Entrepreneur & Former Head of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

- Monday, May 1 - 

The past few years have taught us that life can change in an instant. We learned that we can adapt to changing circumstances thanks to the technology tools that keep us connected. But are we ready for the exponential changes heading our way? After all, Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, biotech, and digital media, are already transforming work, culture, and our social lives. And what about Web3 and its potential impact?

In her interactive presentation, futurist and consumer expert Anat Baron will focus on the intersection between technology, the new consumer, the multi-generational workplace, and the constant disruption around us. She will discuss the challenges and opportunities impacting our professional and personal lives and show you what success looks like in a fast moving, hyper connected digital first world. All the while, making the case that our humanity will matter more than ever as technology becomes a ubiquitous part of our daily existence. 

Computer Vision Technology

Sridhar sudarsAn | CTO, Spark Cognition

Susan Sly | Co-CEO, RadiusAI

Jordan Fisher | CEO, Standard AI

Moderator:  Robert Hampton | VP, technology services and innovation, Jacksons Food stores

- Monday, May 1 - 

Computer vision presents the platform opportunity to revolutionize store operations.  With a 24/7 management oversight capability tied to real time associate interaction, the technology offers the ability to “reshuffle the task deck “ of a shift – whether its bathroom cleaning based on usage, product out of stocks, product ordering, crime deterrence, or hazardous consumer situations.  Computer vision is being used by retailers, refiners, and logistics companies to enhance productivity and safety; and the technology has matured to real-world benefits.  In this session you will hear from 3 pre-eminent computer vision companies currently deploying in the convenience/petroleum channel, and some of the use cases that are justifying adoption of this potentially revolutionary technology.

Opportunities and Challenges:  How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Convenience Retailing

Frodi Hammer | founder & CTO, A2i Systems

- Monday, May 1 - 

Frodi will delve into the opportunities and challenges that AI is presenting in the convenience retail industry, discussing how it is being used to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and drive sales. He will also explore the ethical and societal implications of using AI in this context, and provide strategies for addressing these challenges. Frodi will provide insight on how retailers can leverage AI to automate complex processes and deliver a more personalized and seamless customer experience, as well as the potential challenges that retailers may face when implementing AI in their businesses.  

By the end of the talk, attendees will have a solid understanding of the role AI is playing the shaping the future of convenience retailing and be equipped to consider how they can leverage AI to drive success in their own businesses in this ever-changing world. 

Afternoon Keynote: Expanding data accessibility and tech agility to build an innovative culture

Vish Ganapathy | Director & Head of Customer Engineering, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry, Google 

- Monday, May 1 - 

Building an innovative culture requires a path of breaking down silos and increasing meaningful data access. In an age where massive amounts of data is aggregated, from new and traditional sources, making that data accessible in ways that accommodate the needs of the data consumer becomes critical.  Through this process, companies can see the cultural challenge of removing silos and replacing them with collaborative teams with the sole objective of impacting the whole organization.  This session will highlight how Google – one of the most innovative companies – combines culture, data accessibility and flexible infrastructure to create the innovation culture.

Self-Checkout:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 

Brad Miller | Senior Director of Technology, Coen Markets

Amy Wood | Director of Enterprise IT, Friendly ExpreSS

Roy Austin | Director of IT, Parkland USA

Christine Loukata | Director of Emerging Technologies, Alimentation Couche-Tard/Circle K 

Moderator:  Dae Kim

- Tuesday, May 2 - 

Self-checkout continues to gain prevelance in the convenience store industry.  In this session you will hear from a panel of retailers who have implemented self-checkout technology. They will discuss the types of solutions they are using in their locations, provide insight into how this innovation has changed the culture within their companies, and describe their experience with consumer reaction and adoption.

Edge Computing: The Solution Blueprint for Supporting Legacy Operations & Modern Architectures At Scale 

Phil Stead (CISSP, CISM, PCIP, PCI-QIR) | VP Sales, Acumera

- Tuesday, May 2 -

With an ever increasing c-store tech stack which includes both legacy architecture both inside the store and at the forecourt, exponentially increasing digital content, IoT deployments and next gen ML/AI based system delivery - the legacy infrastructure and tools required to manage this wide and varied tech stack are no longer sufficient. In this session we'll discuss the decision criteria and justification for advancing to an edge architecture. We'll walk through some of the major integration points honing in on where edge unlocks value and where your c-store IT team's time is best spent.  We'll also focus on the wide and varied vendor and DIY solutions landscape and the optimal path for c-stores to recognize immediate gains - both from an ROI and operations perspective. 

Are You Ready to Leapfrog Yourself?  Innovating Through Strategy. 

Patrick Raycroft | Partner, W. Capra Consulting Group

Chuck Young  | CTO, Impact 21

Moderator:  Linda toth | Managing director, Conexxus

- Tuesday, May 2 -

Join two of the top industry consulting firms as they share stories from the front lines.  Hear how retailers are disrupting their current states to make way for future customer experience and close the gap on the customer journey.   Learn how utilizing a roadmap of unified commerce as a backdrop for strategy to move away from old architectures and technical debt can further define success by being able to manage and leverage technologies, diverse payment options and data.

Digital Marketing:  Accelerating Sales Performance Across the Entire Customer Journey

Jennifer Johnson | Director of Business Development - Localized Marketing Solutions, NACS THRIVR

FoLkert Ruiter | Chief Marketing officer, P97

David Reale | ceo, Avida

John Dittig | senior business development/strategy leader (b2B), Samsung electronics

Moderator:  Dave de la Plante | Strategy & program director, Bulloch Technologies

- Wednesday, May 3 - 

Digital media advertising has quietly assumed the #1 position in retail marketing spend.  Consumers now have more eyeballs trained on digital channels and screens, than all other traditional media combined. For convenience and energy retailers, customer engagement starts with the journey, and the goal for every experience is to drive same store sales in-store, at the pump, and during charging. 

Join our panel for an engaging session to look at the spectrum of digital media use cases in-store, at the forecourt, and across mobile, social, and digital display networks. 

Think Tank Panel: Realities from Top C-Store Leaders

Don Emery | POS Applications and Product Manager, CHS Payment Solutions

Mary Anderson | Program Management & Operations Support, G&M Oil Company

Rance Wells | Vice President of Information Technology, Toot'n Totum

Moderator:  Ed Collupy, Innovation Facilitator, Conexxus

In this latest Conexxus Think Tank session, you will hear from top c-store leaders who have led their companies and teams through tremendous change. We’ll focus on how those experiences are driving further innovation at their stores and across their business. Their insights will be informative and help shape a great conversation that you will be able to participate in as well. 

Unleashing Retail Agility 

Dan Harrell | Vice President of Innovation, Gilbarco Veeder-Root 

- Wednesday, May 3 - 

We will discuss some common challenges with existing IT implementations in fuel retail and what are the common patterns to improve agility in the future. 

Food Service:  Lessons Learned from QSR

Chad Kobayashi | Director Retail Technology, Maverik

Rob Grimes | CEO, International Food & Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA)

Zhong Xu | CEO, Deliverect

Moderator:  Ted Donley | Former Conexxus Food Service Working Group Chair

- Wednesday, May 3 - 

Join this panel of Food Service leaders as they discuss how to close the technology gap between QSR and convenience.   What are they doing?  What should we be doing?






Daily Networking Events

Beginning Sunday, first with add-on activities in the afternoon, and then with our kick-off dinner in the evening, we end each day with a fun and unique networking event.  Come together with your colleagues  and new acquaintances after a day of work for an evening of discussion and play!

- Sunday, April 30 -


Add-On Sunday Welcome Activities 

(extra fees to attend)


Golfing with Gray ~ Coronado Golf Course

Tee time is 1:00 PM  |  $320

Create your own foursome, or request to join one with others, for a gorgeous round on the Coronado Golf Course!  Opened in 1957, it is rated as one of the best public golf courses in the nation. It is a favorite destination for local residents and celebrities alike.  The course offers beautiful San Diego harbor and downtown views, and is sure to be a favorite destination for anyone that enjoys the game of Golf.  The course measures 6,590 yards from the blue tees and is a par 72. Immaculate greens, wide inviting fairways and dramatic views coupled with incomparable weather, make Coronado a must-play for all golfers year round.  Your registration fee includes greens fees, club rental, range balls, a sleeve of balls, cart rental and a light lunch. 

Golf with Gray


Hotel Del Coronado ~ Tour & Lunch

Bus Leaves at 1:00 PM  |  $230

Our the Hotel del Coronado

First we'll enjoy a delicious lunch on the newly renovated Sun Deck at the Hotel del Coronado!   The Sun Deck functions as the pool’s rooftop bar and restaurant, and the hotel’s largest all-outdoor eatery, which has a new cocktail bar, fire pits, and has been redesigned to maximize its panoramic ocean views. 

Following lunch, we will have a private tour of the historic property.  Bring to life the iconic resort’s rich heritage through an in-depth, private docent-led walking tour of the Victorian building and gardens, including access to exclusive behind-the-scenes areas.


San Diego Bay ~ Catamaran Tour

Meet at the Dock at 2:15 PM  |  $320

Catamaran Tour

Have a fun and relaxing afternoon enjoying the sites and sounds of the San Diego Bay! This one-of-a-kind adventure will provide a lasting memory and inspiration to begin your week by the water.

Ride aboard the Aolani, a custom-designed 58’ catamaran with ample amounts of deck space and lounging chairs, plus a covered interior room if desired to stay out of the sun.  We may possibly even be escorted by local sea life including dolphins and sea lions!  Your registration fee includes refreshments and a three hour tour. 


Sunday Welcome Dinner ~ Bayside Terrace

Begins at 6:00 PM

Conexxus Annual Conference

Join together as we officially kick off the 2023 Annual Conference! 

We will gather for our first networking event and dinner of the week, on the Loews Bayside Terrace.   The centerpiece of the resort offers dramatic water views of the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Bay, AND the San Diego skyline!


- Monday, May 1 -

Reception with Table Top Exhibits ~ Marina Terrace

A highlight event each year, where annual Diamond and Emerald Sponsors have the opportunity to provide a tabletop display for showcasing their latest innovations and offerings.  Meet and greet with new organizations, win prizes, and enjoy an evening of learning more about our exhibiting sponsor organizations!




















Success Systems

NACS Thrivr




- Tuesday, May  - 

San Diego Zoo ~ Private Tour & Dinner with the Elephants


Conexxus Annual Conference

We'll begin with a private open-air double decker bus tour of the renowned San Diego Zoo!  The best way to tour a zoo in the warmth of a spring evening! 

We'll complete the tour as the zoo is closing, for a truly private evening experience at the Sabertooth Grill at Elephant Odyssey.  The expansive terrace overlooks the Zoo's elephants and offers a magnificent view and a one-of-a-kind evening.  Lush landscaping and eye-level views of the elephants will leave you trumpeting about the experience for years to come!

Conexxus Annual Conference


- Wednesday, May 3 -

Hall of Fame Reception, Honoring Sue Chan


We look forward to celebrating Sue and expressing our gratitude for her achievements and accomplishments with Conexxus over the years!  The reception honoring Sue, and previous Hall of Fame inductees, is sponsored by W. Capra.


W Capra - 2023 Conexxus Hall of Fame Sponsor


Sue Chan - 2023 Conexxus Hall of Fame Inductee


- Thursday, May 4 -

Casual Gathering & Dinner


As we wrap up the working group and committee meetings late into Thursday, we will gather once more to close out the conference with a relaxing beer (or drink of your choice) and light dinner.  A great time to reflect and chill after an inspiring, productive, and thought-provoking week of intense work into c-store and fuel retail innovation!


Cstore retailers

Cstore retailers

Cstore retailers

Cstore retailers



Congratulations to Sue Chan

as the 2023 Conexxus Hall of Fame Inductee!


Sue Chan - 2023 Conexxus Hall of Fame Inductee


Sue Chan

Associate Director, Retail Petroleum Architecture and Assurance 

W. Capra Consulting Group


We look forward to celebrating Sue and expressing our gratitude for her achievements and accomplishments with Conexxus over the years!  We will be honoring and inducting her into the Hall of Fame during the Annual Conference in Coronado Bay!


Hall of Fame Induction Reception

Wednesday, May 3 at 5:30pm

Sponsored by:

W Capra - 2023 Conexxus Hall of Fame Sponsor


NEW THIS YEAR: 5+ attendee Company Discount!   Must contact Ann Zecca to receive the discount, see  details below.


Conexxus Members


Go Live!

(March 16 through on-site)


(5+ Company Discount* - $2,455)


(5+ Company Discount* - $3,695)


*To be eligible for the Company Discount, five people must be registered at the same time, processed through Ann Zecca ([email protected]), and must be employees of the same organization. Guests are not eligible to receive the company discount and do not count towards the minimum requirement.  Attendees 1-4 pay at the regular registration rate; the discount applies to attendee 5 and subsequent registrations. To receive your discount, you must register through Ann Zecca and cannot use the online portal. No refunds.


Register Now



Add-On Welcome Activities ~ Sunday, April 30

  • Golf at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course  -  $320
  • Lunch on the Sun Deck at the Hotel Del Coronado, followed by a private historic tour of the property  -  $230
  • Catamaran Tour of the San Diego Bay, including lunch  -  $320



Spouse/Partner Registration Fees

Guests are those spouses/partners attending networking events with a fully registered attendee only.


  Conexxus Member's Guests Non-Member's Guests

Regular Admission

(Jan 20 - March 15, 2023)

$860 $1,065

Go Live!

(March 16  through on-site)

$975 $1150



There will be a $250.00 administrative fee for any registration canceled before March 15, 2023.

After March 22, 2023, the full amount of the registration fee will be forfeited and NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be provided.

Registrations may be transferred to another person from the same company before April 10, 2023 for an administrative fee of $300.  Transfers will not be allowed after April 10, 2023.


Photo and Email Consent

By attending any Conexxus event, you consent to the use of your image and/or name by Conexxus in/on any registered publication, video, broadcast, cable media, website or social media outlet without charge or obligation. 

You further agree that by registering you are providing Conexxus the ability to use your email address for Conexxus Conference, webinar, and other communication emails.  We will not sell your email address and you may change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.



There are prime opportunities to have your organization promoted among our members, industry partners, and conference attendees at the Annual Conference + year round!

Please view our full Sponsorship Opportunities page for available options, and contact Ann Zecca with any questions or to become a sponsor. 

Thank you for your support of this important industry technology conference!


Sponsorship Opportunities


Hotel Information for Conexxus Annual Technology Conference

Loews Coronado Bay

4000 Coronado Bay Rd, Coronado, CA 92118

Call (619) 424-4000
or book online: Hotel Reservations



Participants are responsible for their own hotel accommodations.  Reservations may be made through the Conexxus room block, at a rate of $239/ night, by calling the Loews Reservations Center (800-234-5117) or via their website (  This block rate is effective through 5:00pm PT on Monday, April 10, 2023.  If you have questions regarding hotel availability or room rates, please contact Ann Zecca at [email protected].

Attendees are responsible for arranging their own air and ground transportation needs.  Loews Coronado Bay is located about 12 miles from San Diego International Airport.

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