Conexxus at the 2019 NACS Show

Conexxus at the 2019 NACS Show


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Conexxus at the NACS Show
October 1 - 4, 2019
Atlanta, GA ~ Booth 3755

About Conexxus at the NACS Show

Technology is creating opportunities for all retailers to significantly reduce friction and become “convenient,” and when everyone is convenient, rapid innovation becomes the key to success. The rapid pace of broad technological change is quickly transforming whole industries and requiring established retailers to create agile digital platforms that support innovation and enterprise accessibility.  In the future retail landscape, technology is either your ally, or your undoing.

The Conexxus education track at the NACS Show provides all industry professionals working with technology a more personalized and high-value experience of learning, connecting and access to new solutions. These forward-looking sessions bring more value, deeper education and broader innovative solutions to attendees.


Sessions at the NACS Show, brought to you by Conexxus

While attending the NACS Show, be sure to participate in these Conexxus sessions and visit us at our booth!

Tuesday Oct 1

  12:00-1:00 Gaining Control of Data and Supply Chain Visibility with GS1 Standards
  2:30-3:30 The Frictionless Journey
  2:30-3:30 Data Security Beyond PCI: Securing the Enterprise

Wed, Oct 2

  8:00-9:00 EMV: Can you Afford not to Upgrade?
  8:00-9:00 IT as a Strategic Partner
  9:15-10:15 Sprinting to Digital Transformation: Using Conexxus' API Initiative
to Compete in the Digital Economy
  11:30-5:30 Conexxus Booth (Exhibit Hall B #3755)

Thurs, Oct 3

  8:00-9:00 The NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap: 2019 Update
  9:15-10:15 Digitize the Impulse
  11:30-5:30 Conexxus Booth (Exhibit Hall B #3755)

Friday, Oct 4

  9:00-1:30 Conexxus Booth (Exhibit Hall B #3755)


Gaining Control of Data and Supply Chain Visibility with GS1 Standards  // Tuesday October 1, 12:00-1:00

Moderator: Jenny Bullard, Manager of Member Engagement, Conexxus

Speaker: Liz Sertl, Director of Community Engagement, GS1 US

Discover how your organization can evolve to meet the ever-growing needs of today’s consumers by starting with a common language of business. Learn how GS1 Standards are more than just barcodes—they provide essential data structure for more efficient trading partner relationships and enhanced efficiency. This session will cover how standards are foundational to supply chain visibility, product information transparency and the adoption of new technology like Blockchain. 


  • Contrast your current processes with improvements that could be made utilizing GS1 standards
  • Help your organization evolve by turning data into a strategic asset
  • Evaluate your preparedness for blockchain and other technological advancements


Frictionless Journey //  Tuesday October 1, 2:30-3:30


  • Nick Peters, IT Director Holmes Oil Company
  • Steven Rodgers, VP Sales, HAVI Global Solutions

Customer expectations for a robust and exciting in-store experience continues to evolve as they find more and more friction in their shopping experience. In this session you’ll hear from a food service expert who will share insights into how the Internet of Things (IoT) and other store system initiatives have become part of customer experience priorities and companies strategies. Cashierless checkout solutions are certainly among ways retailers are working to reduce friction. Hear from a convenience/petro leader whose company has implemented such a solution. Their journey toward implementation hasn’t happened overnight, rather they used a deliberate approach to test and learn with friends and family. 


  • Outline what retail friction is and why it needs to be addressed
  • Compare how different companies are starting innovation projects focused on reducing friction
  • List the considerations that go into developing a new customer experience roadmap


Data Security Beyond PCI: Securing the Enterprise  //  Tuesday October 1, 2:30-3:30

Moderator: Sam Pfanstiel, Director of Security Consulting Services, ControlScan


  • Ed Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Security Innovation
  • Mark Carl, CEO, ControlScan
  • Patrick Raycroft, Lead Consultant, W. Capra Consulting

There is a lot of confusion in the retail space around data security risks- be in the transference of risk from 3rd party vendors, changes to standards, or how to stay on top of training employees. PCI tackles some of this risk, but your approach to data security needs to be broader in order to keep your brand integrity, and to keep operations going. Come to this session to hear from a panel of security software experts with examples from retailers on the risks, as well as associated costs of potential breach remediation. 


  • Explain the changes that took place to the PCI Software Security Framework in early 2019
  • List examples of threats to your company data- both for employees and for customers
  • Analyze the current security training you are providing to both corporate and retail staff


EMV: Can you Afford not to Upgrade?  //  Wednesday October 2, 8:00-9:00

Moderator: Linda Toth, Director of Standards, Conexxus


  • Kara Gunderson, POS Manager, CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  • Jim Linton, Vice President, Folk Oil Company

Beginning in October 2020, fraud liability will shift to merchants when it occurs at gas pumps that are not EMV or chip card enabled. If you're still figuring out how to make the change, you're not alone. If you don't upgrade to EMV, though, you risk losing money to increased chargebacks. Even worse, it could put you out of business. This session will arm you with vital information on EMV, including industry preparedness, so you can assess what your costs and risks will be if you ignore the EMV deadline. In addition, you'll learn how a 35-store multibranded retailer successfully implemented outdoor EMV with the help of multiple vendors in order to limit liability and manpower concerns as the deadline approaches. 


  • List the risks associated with waiting to convert to EMV at the pump
  • Estimate the cost you could incur when the outdoor liability shift happens in October 2020
  • Analyze best practices and lessons learned when implementing outdoor EMV


IT as a Strategic Partner  //  Wednesday October 2, 8:00-9:00

Moderator: Ed Collupy, Executive Consultant, W. Capra Consulting Group


  • Sorin Hilgen, CTO, Cumberland Farms
  • Jim Wenner, VP Information Technology, Sheetz
  • Tom Dransfield, IT Director, Kent Kwik Convenience Stores
  • Ed Dzadovsky, Vice President of North America IT, Circle K Stores Inc.

Technology is not just one aspect of our convenience store businesses- it’s a part of everything. In this session, IT leaders from a variety of retailers will share and discuss ways that they have evolved their role within their organizations and shifted their companies towards this mindset. Leave with ideas on how to do the same within your organization and be seen as a true strategic partner. 


  • Contrast instances within your organization where IT invites the rest of the organization into the IT decision making process, and vice versa
  • Create a written IT Plan/Strategy
  • Empower your team to be leaders within the organization


Sprinting to Digital Transformation: Using Conexxus' API Initiative to Compete in the Digital Economy  //  Wednesday October 2, 9:15-10:15


  • Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus
  • David Ezell, Manager of Special Projects, Conexxus

Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) are revolutionizing every aspect of business and banking, through adding flexible connection points to legacy systems that liberate data, and enable quick implementation of innovations and business models.  APIs have been identified as an essential roadmap component to competing in the future, and Conexxus is working with best in class retailers and vendors to rapidly implement a new class of standards that take the industry closer to “plug and play” innovation, while adding life to legacy system already installed.  In this session you will learn the key benefits of API architecture and how it plays an essential role in future profits.  You will also learn how current Conexxus work in APIs will effectively re-architect enterprise systems quickly and cost effectively, and how you can begin reaping the benefits of APIs in the short term. 


  • List the key benefits of API architecture
  • Identify how you can use API's in the future to improve profits


The NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap: 2019 Update  //  Thursday October 3, 8:00-9:00

Moderator: Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus

Technology is no longer a facet of retail, but a fact of retail as our core consumer embraces the digital lifestyle. How can we hope to keep up with the pace of change that is now dictated by consumer adoption, and in a business environment where every retailer strives to be “convenient”? NACS and Conexxus have designed and curated a technology roadmap—essential and prospective technologies the high-performing retailer should include in their strategy.  This roadmap will provide an annual picture of what relevant technologies will achieve reality, by when, in order to provide clarity to support systems strategy. This roadmap is a compilation of research from outside the industry, specifically designed to “see” 10 years ahead to suggest technology and cultural evolutions that will prepare you for the new landscape.   


  • Explain the key strategic learnings from NACS that currently drive our technology research
  • List key technology innovation paths, not present in our markets now, that may rapidly change the technology platforms we use today
  • Describe the technology and cultural changes that are required to stay at the front of the digital consumer’s needs


Digitize the Impulse  //  Thursday October 3, 9:15-10:15

Moderator: Brandi Johnson, CEO, The Coupon Bureau


  • Mike Vaughn, VP Software & Services, The Pinnacle Corporation
  • William Baine, CEO, Git'n Go Inc.
  • Howard Hyche, VP of Information Technology, Double Quick, Inc.
  • Brad VonOtterloo, CEO Koupon Media

The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit, industry managed entity designed to connect all parties within the digital coupon ecosystem to a Universal Positive Offer File.  In 2019, the Bureau, along with Conexxus, brought together coupon / POS vendors and C-Store retailers to conduct a pilot, and confirm standards within the space. Come to this session to hear about the pilot, initial results, and how you can get involved and access manufacturers marketing dollars that previously have been left on the table.


  • Explain the benefits to retailers in connecting with The Coupon Bureau
  • Tap into national marketing dollars from manufacturers that you may not have access to now
  • Compare the showcased retailer pilots with potential use in your own stores



To register for the NACS Show, please visit the NACS website to complete the registration process: 

  • Conexxus Track Sessions during the show include topics on APIs, Data Security, EMV, and the NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap
  • Visit the Conexxus Booth during the NACS Show for tech demos and to meet the Conexxus staff


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