TechEdge at the NACS Show

Oct 8-10, 2018 // Las Vegas, NV

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Be prepared for the future of retail at the NACS Show's TechEdge

Technology is creating opportunities for all retailers to significantly reduce friction and become “convenient”, and when everyone is convenient, rapid innovation becomes the key to success. The rapid pace of broad technological change is quickly transforming whole industries and requiring established retailers to create agile digital platforms that support innovation and enterprise accessibility.  In the future retail landscape, technology is either your ally, or your undoing.

Each fall, TechEdge provides all industry professionals working with technology a more personalized and high-value experience of learning, connecting and access to new solutions at the NACS Show. This forward-looking program partners with the industry’s technology organization, Conexxus, to bring more value, deeper education and innovative solutions to attendees. Think of it as a specialized program within the NACS Show— to prepare your company for the competitive landscape of tomorrow.

Over two and a half days, attendees following the TechEdge benefit from:

  • Heightened education sessions on critical technology topics
  • Access to new tech products and solutions on the NACS Show floor
  • TechEdge Solutions Center; a hub to meet the day’s speakers and mingle with peers
  • Meet with Conexxus staff to find out more about the opportunities and solutions available through the association and about Conexxus membership

Join the industry’s technology professionals to collaborate, innovate and solve for technology challenges of today and tomorrow with TechEdge at each annual NACS Show!

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Georgia World Conference Center
Atlanta, GA
October 1-4, 2019


Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
October, 2020

2018 - Las Vegas, Nevada

New Tech at the
Conexxus Booth:

  • Grabbr: social marketing with digital offers

Technology Track Education Sessions:

  • Using Technology to Get Time Back
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap
  • Using AI to Improve Your BI
  • Data, Network, and Payments Security
  • Mobile Roundtable


2017 - Chicago, Illinois

New Tech at the
Conexxus Booth:

  • GoSkip: mobile checkout
  • Wovyn: IoT sensors


Technology Track Education Sessions:

  • It’s Time to Mobilize Your Workforce and Use Technology to Increase Operations Efficiency
  • Protect Yourself From Data Breaches
  • Software Testing…Is That Really My Responsibility?
  • Tech Tips to Build, Manage and Measure Your Foodservice Business
  • What’s Happened? What’s New? What’s Coming? Leveraging Data Security Technology
  • Workforce Management: Are You One Click Away From Operational Efficiencies?