Intelligent Cash Drawer Working Group

Mission Statement: To develop a standard interface for an Intelligent Cash Drawer that will allow Conexxus retail members to easily and quickly implement Intelligent Cash Drawer functionality into their POS environments, and offer retailers the full advantage of automated cash counting at the Point of Sale, the ability to streamline cash handling processes and control and reduce their cash losses.  

Active Projects:
This working group is under the Device Integration Committee. There is a considerable growing interest in an Intelligent Cash Drawer and the benefits of the solution in North America from the convenience store and petroleum sectors. The Intelligent Cash Drawer is a new revolution in cash management, and this working group will begin work on four key areas of impact: Operations (i.e., eradicate manual cash till counts), loss prevention, data analytics, and treasury (i.e., reduce cash in transit fees). The Intelligent Cash Drawer utilizes count by weight technology to capture, in real-time, all cash activity at its location and reconciles to sales made. This information is collected without affecting transaction time or interrupting the retail transaction.

Working group Chair is currently Fred Beuve, APG Cash Drawer.
Working group Vice Chair is currently Chris Tauchnitz, ROC Associates.