Conexxus Working Groups

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Gift Card Working Group

Identifies and develops API standards for data exchange needed to interface to a gift card host...

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Intelligent Cash Drawer Working Group

Develops a standard interface for an Intelligent Cash Drawer that will allow Conexxus retail...

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IoT Working Group

Creates an IoT data model standard that can be leveraged for the collection and normalization of...

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Joint API Work Group

Identify commonalities between IFSF and Conexxus standards, both existing and future, as they...

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Loyalty Working Group

Develops standards for the exchange of loyalty transaction information and facilitates...

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Mobile Working Group

Develop and adopt a U.S. domestic standard for mobile payments within the fueling and...

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POS Back Office Committee

Develop standards that facilitate the efficient communication of information specific to the...

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Retail Financial Transactions Committee

Promote development, adoption, and maintenance of efficient retail financial transaction...

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Retailer Business Requirements Committee

Actively solicits retailers to help solve today’s common business problems and those foreseeable...

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Security Advisory Working Group

Provides security guidance to all Conexxus working groups and committees developing standards...

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Standards Quality Assurance

Ensures high quality standards are produced by Conexxus technical committees and fosters an...

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Technical Advisory Committee

Coordinates the activities of the various technical committees.

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Technology Research Committee

Research emerging technologies, technology start-ups, and established and innovative technology...

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website testing group

Group for website testing only

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