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PLEASE NOTE, Membership ends on December 31 for most members & renewal notices have been sent to primary billing contacts.  If we don't receive your renewal payment by February 14, 2024, your organization will lose access to the Conexxus website.  Contact Ann if you need help determining who is your company's primary billing contact, renewing your membership, or did not receive your notice.



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It’s time to renew your Conexxus membership for 2024!  As we reach this time of year, we would like to express our gratitude for your support of the industry and our vital initiatives. Please see a message below from Gray Taylor.
If you have any questions on the renewal process, including the new option to Bundle renewals with sponsorship and conference registrations, please contact Ann Zecca at [email protected]
 Click Here for a copy of the current Conexxus W-9.


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    Pay all at once by invoice for your full team's registration to the Conexxus Annual Conference, being held in Arlington, Texas April 28 - May 2, 2024. Learn more about the Conexxus annual and event related sponsorships for 2024! 
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    A Letter from Gray Taylor, Executive Director


    2023 has proven to be a banner year for advancement of technologies – from Generative and visual AI to cloud/hybrid architectures for retail.  The pace of these advancements show no signs of slowing down, as consumers regain their pre-covid shopping habits. Throughout these changes, Conexxus has continued to inform its members of real trends within many hyped technologies and to work toward facilitating these innovations through its Standards.

    The staff at Conexxus sincerely hope you have found value, and a reason to engage, in our technology leadership and strategic investments in preparing our members for the not so far away future.  For Conexxus to fully benefit you, the membership, we need to increase our funding to address these new technologies that are over and above our core mission, an investment in your future.

    Now is the time to renew your support of Conexxus – even upgrade to Gold – as a furtive investment in YOUR future and innovation capabilities.  I urge you to prioritize you renewal, and speak to your team and peer companies about the value Conexxus creates for our industry.

    Together, we can see the future and prepare to profit from it!

    Available this year, you have the option to ‘BUNDLE’ all your Conexxus items into one convenient invoice and payment.  "Bundle Options" include renewing your Conexxus membership for up to three years, renewing your Annual Sponsorship (or add it) and pay for your Company’s Annual Conference Registration fees all at once.  Contact Ann Zecca to get more information.

    It is time to invest in your future; it is time to re-invest in Conexxus.

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    Thank you to our 2024 Annual Sponsors




    Diamond Sponsors

    Acumera - 2024 Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    Bulloch Technologies - 2024 Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    Field Advantage - 2024 Conexxus Diamond Sponsor


    Hughes - 2024 Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    InStore.ai - Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    Invenco By GVR - Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    K3DES - Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    Mako Networks - 2024 Conexxus Diamond Sponsor


    NACS - 2024 Conexxus Diamond Sponsor
    NCR Voyix 2024 DIamond Sponsor



    Emerald sponsors


    AvaLAN Dover Fueling Solutions - 2024 Conexxus Emerald Sponsor
    Bluefin - Conexxus Emerald Sponsor
    Cenex - Conexxus Emerald Sponsor
    Mashgin - Conexxus Emerald Sponsor


    PCI SSC - Conexxus Emerald Sponsor
    Rapid RMS - 2024 Conexxus Emerald Sponsor
    Verifone - Conexxus Emerald Sponsor
    W Capra - Conexxus Emerald Sponsor



    Garnet Sponsors

    GS1 US
    Kwik Trip - Conexxus Garnet Sponsor
    Nouria - Conexxus Garnet Sponsor
    PDI - Conexxus Garnet Sponsor
    SageNet - Conexxus Garnet Sponsor
    Stuzo - Conexxus Garnet Sponsor