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To process your renewal, please use our new Billing Portal to update your sales and contact information so your invoice can be generated. 

If we don't receive your renewal payment by Feb 14, 2022, your organization will lose access to the Conexxus website. 

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It’s time to renew your Conexxus membership for 2022!  As we reach this time of year, we would like to express our gratitude for your support of the industry and our vital initiatives; please see below for a letter from our Executive Director. 

Most of your memberships expire on December 31, 2021.   Renewal notices were first emailed to the billing and primary contacts on record for your company on December 10, 2021.  If you have any questions about your membership, contacts, or the renewal process, please do not hesitate to contact Ann ZeccaClick Here for a copy of the current Conexxus W-9. 


    A Letter from Gray Taylor, our Executive Director


    Welcome to the end of 2021!  While the pandemic continued to influence our business and our lives, there are good signs we are emerging from the disruption – yet to a vastly different world. 


    Retail response to lockdowns was swift and decisive.  Walmart introduced 70 new consumer features in the first months alone to enable remote selling and delivery.  All of our adjacent competition – chain drug, grocery, dollar, QSR, even big box – got more convenient, quicker.  In fact, the very definition of convenience is in play, as grocery stores in my area are testing 30-minute home delivery (well within our traditional sweet spot of one-hour consumption) and virtual convenience chains such as GoPuff continue to attract investments.  The key thread here is that technology and culture combine to accelerate innovation due to Covid – every retailer strives to be “convenient” and many are succeeding.


    Culture eats strategy and technology for lunch; but strategy and technology vastly increase the profitable success of culture.  At Conexxus, we are dedicated to making technology easier, so your culture can best benefit from it, and it supports your strategic planning.  Being “data nimble” is our goal, so your team can innovate through quick “test and learn” explorations, integrate to emerging innovations in consumer technology, digitize store and ambient activities through Internet of Things, accept the next generation of digital coupons, and even unified commerce solutions for age verification.  It’s all about expanding your data in a consistent and liberated fashion that enables your team to successfully innovate and compete.  This is Conexxus’ mission.


    Some key initiatives we have focused on over 2021 and will continue through 2022 are:


    • API – modernizing the interoperability between systems, which speeds data delivery through the improvement of multi-point connections. Think of the advantages of near-real time availability of virtually all your operations data, delivered to any number of “consumers” who use this data to generate quick insights and responsive actions.  The days of point-to-point batch operations are over, and Conexxus API adoption will lead the way to best-in-class operations.  A key benefit of our API work is to connect our sites and systems to the growing number of innovative ecosystems being adopted by consumers; to have fair and level access to these systems to fulfill our promise of frictionless interactions with consumers. 
    • Data Dictionary – the data content and formats that define our transactions and capture other increasingly important events, is in a constant state of flux. Having undefined “source of truth” data, either as a retailer or a vendor, creates unnecessary translation and maintenance costs.  Including the growing Conexxus/IFSF Data Dictionary in your migration to API integrations vastly reduces the cost and complexity of innovation; a critical advantage in our fast moving landscape.
    • Data Security and Privacy – Conexxus is the resource for expert best practices and designs that harden our store systems from the growing threats of data intrusion and ransomware. Populated by the industry’s most respected experts, the Data Security Committee has over a decade of history supporting the industry with the latest information.
    • Advocacy – Conexxus staff and members participate in all relevant external standards bodies – from card payments to IoT to digital identity – to ensure that access to emerging technologies is open and accessible to all retailers.  Through these important activities, Conexxus is also able to provide the freshest thinking on technologies with value which comprise the annual Industry Roadmap which illuminates our future technology.
    • Connections – they have been in short supply these past few months, but we are returning to providing one of our most valuable services: connecting you with your peers and customers in collegial face-to-face events.  Starting with our Annual Strategy Conference this past August, Conexxus is returning to “business as usual” in hosting high-value events that educate, inspire, and connect our people. We look forward to our Annual Conference April 2022 in Tucson to be a great re-gathering of old and new friends and colleagues.


    For us to continue and expand on the value Conexxus contributes, we need you to re-commit your support of our mission through renewal of your membership.  Further, I ask that you consider increasing your membership level or consider sponsoring Conexxus as an additional indication that you support Conexxus and your industry!


    Looking forward to a great and (hopefully) normal 2022!


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    Additional Considerations

    Conexxus365 Family Plan!  Pay once a year by invoice for all of your employee’s subscriptions to Conexxus365 (conexxus365.org), our newest education subscription service.  Consider a Corporate Family Plan – pay for the first 10 annual subscriptions and receive all additional subscriptions at a 50% discount!

    Annual Conexxus365 full-access subscriptions are $115/ year.  Pay at one time for the first ten subscriptions for $1,150 and any additional subscriptions are $57.50 each.  Conexxus Gold members receive two complimentary full-access subscriptions.



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