Loyalty Standard

The Conexxus Loyalty Specification describes a message set in XML format for a retail petroleum industry standard interface between a Site System (e.g. POS, EPS) and a Loyalty Host and provides guidance on its use. The message set is comprised of a series of request/response messages.  In all cases, the request message is sent from the Site System to the Loyalty Host, and the response message is sent from the Loyalty Host to the Site System.  The message transport can be any mechanism agreed to between the Site System vendor and the Loyalty Host vendor.  The Loyalty Host, which may be located at the retail location or offsite, may be stateless (i.e., any new message request within a transaction can be processed independent of any previous message) or stateful (i.e., the Loyalty Host retains information throughout the course of a transaction).   

The message specification supports various use cases and flows for loyalty transaction processing, including:

  • Fuel discounting
  • Line item or ticket level discounts
  • Earning and using loyalty rewards (points)
  • Prompting for customer preference and input
  • Tax information to meet local regulations
  • Receipt generation
  • Reporting period totals for reconciliation purposes.

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