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Blockchain’s applications reach further than you think

Blockchain is a buzzword all those in the technology industry have become familiar with. Where accurate, real-time data is a need, blockchain technology has come to have a broad level of applicability.

Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy

API’s provide businesses the power to improve operational efficiencies and create business value by simplifying the back end, personalizing offers, and offering an ecosystem of innovation and engagement.

Digital Transformation
What it really takes to capture the value of APIs

API’s provide businesses the power to improve operational efficiencies and create business value by simplifying the back end, personalizing offers, and offering an ecosystem of innovation and engagement.

The Digital Enterprise Moving from experimentation to transformation

What does it take for successful digital transformation? Companies should (1) establish a digital strategy and end game; (2) create a business model to envision what your business provides and what the consumer needs; (3) identify enablers, whether your current model enables or disables digital progress; and (4) orchestrate how to handle the change from experimenting with digital change to implementation.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
Unlocking the value of augmented reality data

Augmented reality (AR) devices will give organization insights into data that will increase operational effectiveness and consumer experience. Today, most interactions have great data-creating potential—phone use, social media, online shopping, GPS. AR provides organizations a way to be smart analyzers of data.

Data Analytics, AR
The End of Scale

Businesses’ future will be driven by economies of unscale, meaning the traditional competitive advantage of size is no longer a given. Economies of unscale are enabled by the emergence of platforms and technologies that can be rented as necessary.  

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
The Best Response to Digital Disruption

How can a company successfully undertake a digital transformation? It requires developing new customer segments, introducing new business models, and redefining the value chain.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4), Digital Transformation
Seven Technologies Remaking the World

Because new technologies are driving key areas such as commerce, health care, learning, and the environment, business leaders must understand the capabilities of emerging technologies and their potential impacts. Technologies from machine learning to pervasive computing are the kind of game changers that business leaders need to stay on top of.

Machine Learning, Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
Retail Report Card for 2018: From Walmart to Tiffany’s

Some retailers rose to the challenge during the move to e-commerce while others were less successful in their move to online shopping.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
Nine charts that really bring home just how fast AI is growing

AI startups have secured an astonishing amount of funding in comparison to startups in general. With this comes more conversations on how this technology will be regulated, and how AI will be important strategically and economically.  

API strategy essentials: A practical guide for winning in the API economy

How can existing business transform into one where digital platform and ecosystem thinking are the dominant mindsets leading to participation in the API economy? Business must (1) establish digital strategy; (2) align organization and culture; (3) evaluate, build, and deploy supporting technology; and (4) engage their ecosystem.

Mexico Reduces U.S. Gasoline Imports

There is a worsening of fuel shortage across Mexico as of the beginning of 2019, resulting in long waits and searches for gasoline. The government has explained the shortages as the result of Mr. López Obrador’s shutdown of several pipelines that transport gasoline from refineries and coastal terminals to Mexico’s biggest cities to combat rampant fuel theft.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
Key Words for Digital Transformation

Over the years, large shifts in technology have occurred that business need to be prepared for. Recently, we’ve seen the emergence and implementation of cloud and mobile, but now we are seeing even more interested technologies such as AI. Data-driven business models utilizing these new technologies will be better able to address the consumer experience that is so important to business success.

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Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

API’s make the scaling of digital business possible through its support of self-service and one-to-many relationships between providers and consumers.

Alibaba and the Future of Business

Technologies allowing for better capabilities in network coordination and data intelligence have allowed companies such as Alibaba to acquire great value and market power in a short amount of time. A tech-enabled model allows business to gain a competitive advantage over traditional business.   

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4), Data Analytics, Machine Learning
Digital strategies now in place, CIOs focus on execution

For many, 2019 is the year for executing new technological initiatives. Digital transformation is no longer in the conceptual phase, but must be implemented to keep businesses on top.     

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
Success personified in the IR4.0: Four leadership personas for an era of change and uncertainty

Industry leaders realize they must take advantage of advanced technologies to continue to lead. However, many companies struggle with developing effective strategy-development processes to use emerging tech trends to their fullest potentials.   

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
AI Index 2018 Annual Report

AI has great potential for business use. There has been a growth in interest for information on emerging technologies such as AI. Funding for AI start-ups has seen an increase over the past decade as well.  

Accenture Technology Vision 2018: Redefine your company based on the company you keep

Five trends are emerging for business success in the digital world: 1) AI is about more than just performing a task, it is about “raising” it to be a responsible member of the business and of society; 2) virtual and augmented reality can change the way consumers connect with information and experiences; 3) With new tech, business cannot let themselves be vulnerable to unverified data. Complete, accurate data is vital for business insights and decisions; 4) companies must re-architect themselves for frictionless business; and 5) businesses cannot rely on their existing technology infrastructures to support new technologies such as IoT and AI.

AI, Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4), Machine Learning, IoT, Data Analytics
Accenture--Make your Wise Pivot to the new

Companies can make a Wise Pivot to their new businesses by transforming their core business, growing the business core, and scaling the business. While companies struggle with embracing new businesses, those that do so enjoy stronger performance.  

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)

Value is key to consumers. The end consumer, as the product use, holds the power and they are not looking for products with the most features, but products with the most valuable features. Consumers look for quality in product and hold certain expectations of brands based on this quality of their products.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
5 ways for business leaders to win in the 2020s

Tech companies have shifted to being the leaders in business. To be a top business in the 2020’s companies need to leveraging technology to fulfill consumer needs, organizing how technology will be implemented, understand diversity increases the capacity for innovation, and create both social and economic value.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
When Will AI Exceed Human Performance

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will transform modern life by reshaping transportation, health, science, finance, and the military. This report shares the results from a large survey of machine learning researchers on their beliefs about progress in AI.

What’s Now and Next in Analytics, AI and Automation

Rapid technological advances in data and analytics have been reshaping the business landscape, supercharging performance, and enabling the emergence of new business innovations and new forms of competition. At the same time, the technology is continuing to evolve. Together they amount to a step change in technical capabilities that could have profound implications for business, for the economy, and more broadly, for society.

Data Analytics
Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains

Disruptive technologies are transforming all end-to-end steps in production and business models in most sectors of the economy. The products that consumers demand, factory processes and footprints, and the management of global supply chains are being re-shaped to an unprecedented degree and at unprecedented pace. New technological solutions heralded by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – such as advanced robotics, autonomous systems and additive manufacturing – will revolutionize traditional ways of creating value and drive major changes in the design of future value and supply chains.

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