Conexxus Payment System Product Codes

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These product code definitions are for use in electronic payment systems formats.  Industry specific category/subcategory definitions and descriptions proposed by the NACS Category Management Project are incorporated in the listings.  These codes define petroleum and merchandise products and services by assigning them a specific three-digit number.  Host payment systems, along with vendors, are encouraged to adapt their systems to utilize these codes so that standard product definitions are maximized for the benefit of all users.

Conexxus maintains this set of product codes and updates them as necessary.  In order to facilitate this maintenance and still provide maximum flexibility for individual vendors and networks to use these codes, two sets of undefined code categories exist.  The first is for the exclusive use of Conexxus in making future changes.  The second is for the proprietary use of the vendor community to add codes outside the adopted list.  Notwithstanding such private use opportunities, Conexxus encourages vendors to submit new generic product codes so that the list may reflect the most up-to-date codes in use throughout the industry and continue to achieve the goal of standard product definitions.

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