COVID Resources

We have had to learn new methods to navigate data security while our employees worked from home and our industry became essential operations.  Now that we are rounding a massive corner to the health and safety of our nation, we still have new processes to explore and implement.

See below for resources on how technology has assisted and lead during the COVID crisis and returning to a New Normal for convenience stores and fuel retailers.


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The New Normal

We're all adapting to a new normal post-pandemic world.
What is here to stay and how is technology helping our industry adapt, cope, and move forward?


April 2021

How can technology help you respond to the increasing consumer demands for e-commerce
and online visibility:

June 2021

Hear from the past, present, and incoming Chairs on their post-pandemic strategies in this 10 minute video:




Pandemic Article Series

This pandemic article series took an analytical look at the impact technology made on our industry through the COVID-19 crisis. What did our industry learn? How did they adapt? And what role did Conexxus take as an industry leader and partner?


April 2020

What technology helped
your employees work from home and avoid cyberattacks:


June 2020

What technology helped you remain open as
an essential business:



Oct 2020

What technology helped you handle
the national coin crisis:


Dec 2020

What technology helped
you keep employees 
safe and at work:




Retailer & Supplier Provided Resources


StrasGlobal: Vaccination plan

StrasGlobal's Executive Team has developed a Vaccination Plan for their stores.  This plan was developed using industry best practices and input from their legal team and HR team.  StrasGlobal is sharing this plan with the industry in the hope that it will assist other retailers, especially small retailers, to implement a plan also.  The StrasGlobal plan includes links to the CDC Vaccination Toolkit, which Conexxus also has linked below in our national resources.  


National Retailer Federation Resources

NRF is addressing the supply chain implications as well as developments related to the spread of the virus globally and domestically.


US Payments Forum: Consumer Interactions at the Point of Sales

The current environment calls for a reduction in all types of interactions, including how consumers interact with payment terminals.  There are a number of ways a consumer can complete a transaction that reduce physical interactions with a payment terminal.


National & Industry Resources

NACS COVID-19 Resources

Guidance related to the questions the NACS team is fielding from members as well as a collection of the latest industry news.

EEOC: Employers Can Require Vaccines, Offer Incentives


CISA Updates

CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, offers guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.


CDC Updates

CDC:  Vaccination Toolkit

Information on Vaccines 

How to protect yourself, symptoms, what to do if you are sick, and a self-checker from the CDC.  


White House Updates 

Updated message from the Biden/Harris administration.   Outlines the steps and actions to encourage vaccines and move the United States of America forward in the fight against Covid-19.  


WHO Updates

Rolling updates, live press conferences, and mythbusters of the Coronavirus.