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Outdoor EMV Liability Shift


The following companies manufacture dispenser hardware for EMV upgrades*:

Bennett Pump Company


Dover Fueling Solutions


Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Sound Payments

*Please note if you are not listed and would like to be, contact us at [email protected]

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Spring 2020 Conexxus EMV Survey Report

From February 27 to March 31, 2020 Conexxus fielded a second electronic survey to determine the level of preparedness of the US convenience and retail fueling industry for the EMV liability shift for automated fueling dispensers (AFDs).  At the time of the survey, the shift was to take effect in October 2020.  After the survey closed, the major card brands (in light of COVID-19 challenges) moved the liability shift date to April, 2021.  This document details the results of this EMV Preparedness Survey. 

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EMV Infographic

In light of the impact of COVID-19, the EMV liability shift date has moved to April 2021.  Don’t squander these extra 6 months; make sure you have a game plan to implement EMV.  Need help figuring out how to do that?  Take a look at this infographic which outlines the steps and considerations along the way of implementing EMV.    http://www.knowyourpayments.com/emv-technology/  #RoadtoEMV

2019 Conexxus EMV Survey Report

From June 10 to July 8, 2019 Conexxus fielded an electronic survey to determine the level of preparedness of the US convenience and retail fueling industry for the EMV liability shift for both automated fueling dispensers (AFDs) set to take place in October 2020 and all other transactions which went into effect in October 2015. This document details the results of the EMV Preparedness Survey.

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Resources And Guidance For EMV Implementation in a C-Store Environment

This Conexxus white paper provides links for educational information and frequently asked questions regarding EMV implementations in the U.S.  It is intended to assist members of the petroleum and convenience industry to find information related to EMV.  While many EMV resources exist, the resource links included in this document were found to be the most helpful and relevant to merchants in the petroleum and convenience industry.  This document covers EMV Basics, Up Front Decisions (decisions that must be made in advance of EMV implementation such as debit routing, contactless, optimizing transactions, fallback, and manual entry), Cardholder Data Considerations, Testing and Certification, and Ongoing Care and Maintenance (e.g., chargebacks, kernel maintenance).  Also included are other considerations that may be applicable to your particular business (ATMs, unattended payment terminals, tips, gratuities, card not present).

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EMV Webinars

Each month Conexxus hosts complimentary public webinars on a variety of topics, including webinars on EMV.  Please visit our Webinar Library to view recordings and upcoming webinars, which can be filtered by topic.

EMV 101 for Gas Station and Convenience Store Retailers

Unlike magnetic stripe cards that store read-only data, EMV cards use an embedded integrated circuit (IC), also referred to as a chip, to read and write card data.  The chip allows for dynamic data exchange and cryptograms for payment transaction security on a per transaction basis.  Because the data changes with each new transaction, EMV cards are harder to successfully counterfeit.